Enrolment and information

Families with Prep students starting at Oakey State School can have their transition statements lodged electronically from their kindergarten to the following email address:

Please ensure that you have completed the transition statement parent/carer consent form on the QCAA Kindergarten curriculum page prior to lodgement.

What is Prep?

Prep is a five day per week early years educational program that has been introduced by the Queensland Government.Prep is an opportunity to establish strong foundations for lifelong learning. Prep is a full-time program that runs 5 days per week. Students are expected to attend full-time. Hours of Prep are the same as regular school hours for Years 1-6. Students should turn five by 30th June in the year they enrol in Prep. Proof of age must be presented at the time of enrolment (e.g. birth certificate or extract).

Assessment is in line with the Australian Curriculum Foundation Achievement Standards.

Prep Specialist Lessons

Prep classes will participate in Health & Physical Education, Music and Library lessons each week. These subjects will be timetabled and taught by specialist teachers.

Prep Teacher Aides

A full-time teacher aide will be allocated to each Prep classroom with a focus on supporting student learning, preparing, maintaining resources and working in partnership with the classroom teacher.

Prep CurriculumIn Prep at Oakey State School, we teach the Foundation Level of the Australian Curriculum. Students will be exposed to:

  • English (including phonics, sight words and reading)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
  • Design and TechnologyHealth and
  • Physical EducationThe Arts (Music/Drama)

Prep Monitoring and Assessment

Monitoring and assessing is a part of ongoing curriculum decision making. Each term, students will undertake assessment and monitoring tasks based on the units of work taught. Teachers will also track progress with phonics, sight words and reading.Prep HomeworkPrep students will have sight words to practice at home as well as home reading books.

Prep Home Reading

At Oakey State School, nightly home reading is promoted and encouraged. Each night parents can:

  • Read to their child while he/she listens
  • Read with their child (alternating who reads)
  • Listen to their child read to them

Prep students are encouraged to read for 10 minutes per night.

Hours of Operation

Students will attend 5 days per week for the full length of the school day.

Start: 8.45am bell

Finish: 3.00pm bell

Prep Morning Arrangements

It is preferred that Prep students are brought into the Prep Classroom by their parent/guardian/caregiver or another nominated adult. Please do not leave Prep students alone outside the Prep classroom prior to school commencing. Students may enter the classroom when the 8.45am bell sounds.

Prep End of Day Arrangements

Prep students must be collected from the classroom by their parent/guardian/caregiver or another nominated adult. If you would like your child to be collected by another adult, please inform us prior to them coming to collect your child. School finishes when the 3.00pm bell sounds. Please be punctual when collecting your child from the classroom.

Prep Break Times

  • First Break:10.50am – 11.05am (Supervised eating in the classroom)
  • 11.05am – 11.35am (Supervised Play)
  • Second Break:  1.10pm – 1.25pm (Supervised eating in the classroom)
  • 1.25pm – 1.55pm (Supervised Play)

Prep Library Borrowing

Prep students will have the opportunity to borrow books from the school library during a rostered weekly visit. Each student is required to bring their library bag with them in order to protect their borrowed books.

What Your Child Needs for Prep

1. Oakey State School uniform (including a school hat).

2. Food and drinks each day:

  • Fruit snack (approx. 9.45am) – a small piece of fruit or cut up vegetables in a small container.
  • First break (10.50am) – a sandwich and perhaps a yoghurt.
  • Second break (1.10pm) – a small serving of food e.g. muesli bar, biscuits, muffin, fruit.
  • A labelled drink bottle with water.

3. Shoes - preferably Velcro sports shoes, as they are much easier for Prep children to manage.

4. Spare underpants, shorts and socks in the front of your child’s bag for emergencies.

5. A named school bag. It is suggested the school bag is large enough to hold spare clothes, a lunch box, drink bottle and your child’s Home Reading Folder. You can also attach a key-ring/toy to the bag’s zipper for ease of recognition.

6. All items including your child’s bag, drink bottle, lunch box, food containers and all clothing (including shoes) must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Last reviewed 11 March 2020
Last updated 11 March 2020