Rules and policies



It is important if a child is away from school for a day, or is sick for any length of time, that the class teacher be contacted. This may be done by a written note, personal contact or a phone call which explains the child's absence.

New recording methods will show that a child’s absence is ‘unexplained’ on the roll and parents will be contacted by text message requesting a reason for the absence.

View our absenteeism policy (PDF, 430 KB) for more details.


Where accidents occur, which may result in the need for medical attention, the school will attempt to contact parents/care givers, if possible.  Our first action will, however, be to care for the child. If we believe it necessary, an ambulance will be called.


It is a requirement under the Queensland Education Provisions Act 2006, that parents and carers ensure children of compulsory school age are in attendance at school every day.

Some circumstances, such as illness, may prevent 100% attendance but all parents should be aiming for maximum school attendance for their children.

Their future life choice options depend on you. School starts at 8.45.

Please see why every day and every minute counts (PDF, 455 KB).

Age of enrolment

To be eligible to enrol in Prep a child must have had their fourth (4th) birthday on or before 30 June in the year before beginning Prep.

To be eligible to enrol in Year One, a child must have had their fifth (5th) birthday on or before 30 June in the year before beginning Year One. Use the online ready reckoner to find out when your child can start prep or year 1.

Proof of age must be presented at the time of enrolment (e.g. a Birth Certificate or extract).

Bicycle safety

Children who ride bikes to school are required by law to wear a helmet.  Bikes must not be ridden in school grounds and must be left in the bike racks provided. This area is out of bounds during morning tea and lunch to eliminate interference with other children's bikes. Scooters and Skateboards are not to be brought to school.

Book club

The school participates in a commercial Book Club which makes good quality books available to children at regular intervals during the year. The school library also benefits by receiving free books based on Book Club order totals.

Children are supplied with order forms and these must be returned to the school with the correct money prior to the close of orders. Participation is entirely at each parent's/guardian's discretion.


For security and safety, children are not permitted in classrooms before school, during morning tea and lunch, or after school, unless their class teacher is present.

Children are not permitted on upstairs on verandahs unless their teacher is present or they have permission from a teacher.


From time to time classes leave the school grounds on excursions which may range from half an hour to a full day. These are always well advertised in advance. 

On enrolment, your permission will be obtained for your child to participate. For some events, separate permission forms will be sent home prior to the event.

Emergency contact

Please keep the school office informed of any change to your phone number, address, alternate contact names or your child's medical condition.  This is vital in case your child is involved in an accident at school. All such information is strictly confidential.  Please also advise us of any custody issues or orders, which may affect your child's security at school.

Emergency evacuation

The design of our school allows for relatively swift evacuation in case of fire or other emergency. Regular evacuation drills are given each term to familiarize pupils with evacuation procedures. All staff and volunteer workers (e.g. tuckshop staff) are required to participate in these drills if present on the school site at the time.


We have a policy of no hat .... no play.  This applies throughout the full year. A suitable shade hat is required. Caps or visors are not suitable.  A broad-brimmed hat, bucket style or legionnaire’s style cap is required.

Home and school

As children represent their family and their school in public, they are expected to be well behaved on their way to and from school.  Supervised crossings are provided on roads near the school and, for safety, these must be used.  Please discuss and emphasise the issues of Road Safety and Stranger Danger with your children.

Infectious diseases

The NHMRC recommends that children who are physically unwell should stay home from school, pre-school and child care centres. Exclusion periods for infectious conditions (PDF, 362 KB) vary.


Children involved in the instrumental music program will be charged a small fee to defray the cost of instrument maintenance and repairs.

Full details of this and the instrumental music program in general, can be obtained by contacting the school music teacher.

Lost property

Any items of lost property are placed in a black plastic bin near the grounds & facilities officer’s room. Parents are urged to check this bin when looking for missing items. Unclaimed property is disposed of at the end of each term or as necessary.

Please clearly mark every item your child brings to school (clothes, equipment etc.) with their surname. It proves very difficult to reunite unnamed items with their owners.


Children are not allowed to keep any type of medication (with the exception of asthma sprays) in their possession at school.

If it is necessary for any child to have medication at school, parents must:

(a) Send along a letter of authority from a doctor clearly detailing dosage and times of administration. A staff member will then give medication. Medication must be in the original pharmacy container with the official label attached, or

(b)Come to the school at the necessary times and administer the medication to their own child. Schools are required to maintain a medication register, which is kept at the office.

Panadol, aspirin, and cough medicines also need a letter of authorisation from the doctor.

Children who use Ventolin puffers or similar for the treatment of Asthma may keep them in their possession, however, parents are asked to advise the school in writing of this need.

Money collection

During the year there are quite a few money collections (arts council, book club, excursions). It would be appreciated if all money sent to the school is sealed in an envelope with the child's name, class, teacher and amount of money very clearly marked on the outside.  In this way we can ensure that all money is accounted for.

As the school budget cannot meet any shortfalls in funding for an excursion or camp due to the subsequent non-participation of a student who had previously indicated attendance of the activity, fees already paid for an excursion or school camp may be refunded in full or in part or not at all, having regard to the associated expenses incurred and the circumstances of the non-participation. Please see our refund guidelines (PDF, 53 KB) for more information.

Religious education

Religious education is given by approved Ministers of Religion or their approved representatives each Monday. It is offered to all children to teach Christian-based values and truths in a non-threatening manner.

The material used is multi-denominational and there are Easter and Christmas services held at school.

Report cards

Report Cards are issued in June and December. Parent/Teacher interviews are held for those parents/care givers who specifically request an interview or for those parents to whom teachers specifically wish to speak regarding their child's progress.

School grounds after school

To reduce damage by vandalism, the school grounds are out-of-bounds to all but approved, official organizations, after school and on weekends. Clubs and groups using the school must obtain written approval through the Principal. 

As part of the School Watch program, neighbours and passing residents are encouraged to report to Police the presence of children or adults on school grounds outside hours. Your help in this regard reduces vandalism to our school property.

School visitors

All visitors to the grounds, including parents, must first report to the main reception desk. This is a vital part of our procedures to maintain student safety and security.

Valuables at school

If at all possible, avoid valuables being brought to school. No responsibility is taken for their care or security.  Jewellery is not to be worn.  A watch is quite acceptable.  Cameras, radios and other such equipment should not be brought to school.  Money, if needed to be held by a child at school, must be left with the class teacher for safekeeping.  Mobile phones must be checked in at the office at the start of the school day and collected at the end of the day.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Last reviewed 28 June 2020
Last updated 28 June 2020