Mission and values


​Mission statement

The mission of the Oakey State School is to cater for the individual needs of our pupils so that all receive the opportunity to attain that knowledge and those skills, attitudes, values and habits necessary to function as effective members of society.


  • For all pupils to be given the opportunity for optimum learning of the directed curriculum in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.

  • To encourage the purchase, proper usage and suitable development of resources.

    To encourage the continued professional development of and, use of professional practices by, all school staff.

  • To continue to encourage community involvement in this school.

  • To continue to develop, implement and review policies and procedures.

  • To maintain necessary accountability procedures.


  • An atmosphere of mutual respect, co-operation and trust.

  • The stated objectives of all the curriculum subjects in accordance with the Australian Curriculum.

  • The achievement by each pupil of his/her potential in all curriculum subjects.

  • The assessment of all subjects using a variety of techniques and methods.

  • The reporting on pupils' progress to pupils, parents, teachers and administrators.

  • The maintenance of a professional approach by staff, such as:

    • knowledge of the different learning styles of children.

    • knowledge of the different teaching strategies available.

    • a sound knowledge of curriculum subject matter.

    • skilled practices in managing behaviours in classroom and play areas.

  • Flexible and efficient organization of all aspects of school life

  • The efficient and optimum usage of material and human resources available within the community.

  • Aesthetically pleasing grounds and buildings.

  • A smooth transition across classes.

  • The incorporation of suitable modern technology into school operation.

  • Our community's expectations of the education practices carried out in the school.


  • Education of pupils will be more efficient if it takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, co-operation and trust among pupils, teachers and parents.

  • The total school organization should be aimed at aiding an efficient teaching/learning process.

  • Achievement of the stated objectives in all curriculum subjects should be strived for with all pupils.

  • This school's program should preserve what is good from the traditional while investigating and incorporating what is suitable from the contemporary.

  • For the sake of accountability and/or diagnostic purposes, assessment be carried out at regular intervals.

  • The different learning styles of children should be catered for by the use of different teaching styles and strategies.

  • The encouragement of a professional approach by all staff is essential.

  • Optimum usage should be made of material and human resources within the school and the community.

  • A smooth transition across classes should be aimed for especially where changes in site occur.

  • Advances in technology applicable to aspects of school life should be incorporated into school as soon as possible.

  • An aesthetically pleasing school environment should be maintained.

  • We should obtain knowledge of our community's current expectations of the education system and that due consideration be given to these expectations.


We expect all students to:

  • Be safe

  • Be respectful

  • Be a learner

Last reviewed 06 March 2020
Last updated 06 March 2020